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MM - B.L.O.O.S. Murrini COE 90


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These variety packs are a conglomeration of various murrini consisting of the following;

Bigs & Littles: Occasionally, there are sections of a pull that were a bit too large or a bit too small in diameter to fit in with the rest of the batch

Oops: Recreating small batch murrini can sometimes be challenging. Anything that doesn't live up to Murrini Man's standards for that style are sorted out

Orphans: Batches are divided into minimum one ounce portions. Any stragglers left after this process are considered "orphans"

Straws: The tubular murrini from the end of a pull

Since these murrini are the result of many different batches, the styles and colors included are constantly changing. Each pack will contain a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles.

Murrini Man used to keep all these little gems for his own personal use, but there are so many these days that he doesn't have enough time to use them all. He has decided to offer them to the public at a discounted rate!

Slices are approx. 1/4" thick and vary widely in diameter. You will receive a variety of slices, as pictured in the photos - however, every pull is slightly different so the slices you receive will not be the exact same slices pictured.

Great for fusing, mosaic and torchwork!

Murrini Man© murrini is pulled by hand by Ted Mumford, an artist working in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Each batch is made using only the highest quality equipment, and ONLY Bullseye Glass.