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Why should I set up an account?

An account is not required to browse the site, place an order or to see sale pricing. Using the account system will give you access to your history of previous orders, the status of your current order, and save time and typing by populating your future order forms with your profile information. Should you forget your password, use the “Forgot password?” function on the log in page to reset it.  We do not have access to customer password information.

When you create your account, please take time to proofread your information and double check the email address you have provided. This will ensure that you receive your order and shipping confirmations, and are able to log in successfully next time you visit the site.

How do I locate items on the website?

The Melt Glass web site contains over 3000 individual items. There are several ways to narrow your search categories and find just the ones you need.

Across the top of every page is a row of quick links. As you hover over or click on the links in this menu, sub-categories appear. These will help you to narrow down your search, whether you are looking for products or policy information, etc.

Once you click on either a category or sub-category link in the header, you will be taken to a main category page. If you are searching our large catalog of products, you will see specific product attributes listed on the left side of the product pages. Clicking on the attributes in that list will enable you to narrow your product search. Click the wrong attribute or want to go back a step? Simply click on the small “X” next to the attribute and it will be removed from your filter.

Above the right hand column menu, in the header, you will find the Search box. Use this search to locate items site-wide with either a keyword or part number.

Keep your search terms simple, and in the format likely to be found in the item descriptions.  For example, you’d like to find a particular color, but don’t know the item number, a search for “clear blue dichroic glass” probably won’t bring up anything on our site, as that terminology won’t appear in any actual item descriptions.  “Dichroic” and “glass” are redundant on our site.  It’s pretty much all we sell. A better search term would be "CBS blue" or "blue dichroic".

So keep your search simple, and try to use the specific word that describes the item you’re looking for.

How does the shopping cart work?

Use the link at the very top, right-hand corner of any page to view your shopping cart.

Your shopping cart will be retained on the site for 60 minutes should you be interrupted (or need a break to ponder your choices….) however, we suggest that you not leave your cart “unattended” unless absolutely necessary.  Items in your cart are held for you until the order is finalized, so they are unavailable for purchase by other customers so long as your cart is active (60 minutes).  If you take longer than 60 minutes to complete your order, the site will consider the cart abandoned and you will need to start over…and this will return your items to the site where they are available to other customers for purchase.

If you leave the site with items in your shopping cart, you must log in to retrieve your cart. Items that have been sold since you were last logged in will disappear from your cart.

If you start a new cart without logging in, it will be combined with your existing cart at log in.

If you have a coupon code to use, there will be a space to enter that information during the checkout process.

How do you calculate postage?

We offer several shipping choices for our customers, calculated in real time and based on your specific order weight. These options will be available to you at check out, where you will choose the one you prefer during the checkout process.

More information on this is available in our Shipping Policy.

Can I place an order over the phone? Can I special order items that don't appear on the website?

We ask that, whenever possible, all orders be placed via the web site.  This ensures that the web site inventory is kept current for the benefit of all customers, and that all items you order are indeed available.  Ordering online also means that your payment information remains confidential.

That being said, if you have ANY trouble at all with the online ordering process, please please PLEASE contact us via email or phone so that we can help. 99% of the time, the issue is resolvable. The other 1% of the time it is due to either an internet issue, an issue with our web host, PayPal, or something else that is beyond our control.

We are MORE than happy to special order items for you and, in most cases, will not require a minimum quantity order. So, please let us know if you are having to go elsewhere to get those one or two items that we don’t carry. Saving you money on shipping and products, and building long-lasting customer relationships are our goals here. Let us help you accomplish your goals, as well. :o)

Does Melt Glass offer wholesale pricing? What about sales and other discounts?

Melt Glass is a retail shop, however we do offer wholesale pricing on Murrini Man murrini products. We can also offer volume discounts on Murrini Man murrini products and CBS Dichroic products. Please contact us at for more information.

Teachers get a 10% discount! Current teaching credentials or class documentation is all that is required to qualify for this discount. Simply contact us or come into the store and we'll take care of it.

Melt Glass will periodically offer sale pricing on items. Because we take special care to keep our pricing low every day, the sales do not happen often. We will never raise prices and have a fake sale. And, if our pricing goes down with our vendors, your prices will go down as well!  All sale pricing is subject to stock on hand unless you have made specific arrangements with us.

If we announce a sale and you've placed an order within 24 hours prior, we will happily refund the difference upon request. Orders placed more than 24 hours before the sale announcement will not be eligible for price adjustments. If, for some reason, you have trouble placing an order during a sale, PLEASE contact us right away. We are happy to issue refunds for the amount that should have been adjusted during the sale or extend sale pricing towards your next purchase. But, if we don’t know you’re having trouble, we can’t fix the problems and make you a happy customer. Please give us that opportunity! :o)