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UGC Bubble Paint Kits


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This lead-free, non-toxic color line was added in 2010 and works well in conjunction with our NT Color Line. The colors come in powder form and are mixed with our UGC Medium. We currently have 15 colors available. These colors are transparent/translucent and bubble when kiln fired between layers of glass and are textured, opaque and glossy when fired on the top layer of glass. By using specific placement techniques, you can actually control your bubbles! All our samples have been created using float glass. Experiment with other types of glass to see what interesting effects you can achieve. 

It is recommended to vent the kiln during the initial stage of the firing process. Firing range is 1425F to 1550F on float glass.

Read about the Artisan Color Line and Application and Firing info to learn more.

Kit #1 contains 1 ounce jars of the following Artisan colors:

600 Azure
603 Royal Blue
604 Teal Green
606 Solar Flare
610 Deep Pink
611 Charcoal
612 Melon
613 Plum

616 Tangerine

617 Chartreuse

Kit #2 contains 1 ounce jars of the following Artisan colors:

601 Glacier
602 Green
605 Sienna
607 Mystic Blue
608 Teal Blue
609 Wine
614 Yellow Orange
615 White Glo

618 Purple Mist

619 Cornflower

Each kit also contains TWO 8 ounce Medium, basic UGC instruction sheet for use, a full color chart of the entire Artisan line, and a fused color sample chip of the kit colors fired on top of and in between glass. 

Colors and Medium can also be purchased individually.