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Beginner Kit: Stained Glass

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Unlike other stained glass beginner kits found online, we don't skimp on the quality of the tools and supplies. Everything in this kit is top-rated and high-quality. The staff here at Melt use these very tools and supplies in our classrooms and home studios. We wouldn't expect you to work with anything less.

What we include: 

  • Toyo pistol grip cutter with tap wheel
  • Choice running pliers and grozing pliers
  • safety glasses and a face shield for grinding
  • 100 aluminum push pins,
  • one roll of Edco black-backed 7/32" copper foil tape
  • plastic fid for burnishing foil
  • Hakko FX-601 soldering iron
  • Choice soldering iron stand w/sponge
  • 1lb roll of 60/40 solder
  • 8oz Classic 100 Gel Flux and two applicator brushes
  • 4oz roll of tinned copper wire for making jump rings
  • 8oz Novacan Black Patina
  • 12oz Liva Stained Glass Polish
  • 12 beginner patterns

What we don't include: a cheap grinder, obscure tools, products that you won't ever use, and pieces of glass that are either too small to be of much use, or in colors that you wouldn't use anyway. More stuff in a kit doesn't equate to a better kit. Quality tools will make learning this craft much easier, I promise.

The grinders and glass are sold separately as everyone has their own specific needs and budgets. If you need help selecting those items, we are here for you. We just don't include them in our beginner kit. The grinders can be found HERE.

What you don't need: grinder coolant, cutter oil, flux cleaner, etc. So, we won't sell it to you. If you want to know what we use instead of these overpriced items, just ask us! We are happy to share all of our tips and tricks! 

If you take a class with us, this kit and everything else in our shop is yours at 10% off!