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Kits: Fused Glass Sugar Skull Project


SKU: 28.3010KOcean

Get used to hearing, "You MADE that?!" These fused glass sugar skulls are show-stoppers!

If you need instruction on how to assemble your sugar skull, you can find the tutorial HERE!

Using the included pre-cut base, you will apply glass bits, stringers, vitrograph, murrini, dichroic, frit, and more to create your very own sugar skull! The base even has the teeth painted on and pre-fired!

Every kit includes the following:

Glass Glue w/bottle and applicator

Paper template

8x10 wood board that fits in an 8x10 frame

Glass skull base with teeth painted on and pre-fired

Eye sockets

3 pre-cut hearts

3 pre-cut stars

1 pre-cut cross

0.5oz Dichroic pre-fired dots

0.5oz Dichroic scrap

0.5oz black pre-fired dots

0.5oz colored pre-fired dots

0.5oz black pre-fired blobs

A generous helping of color-coordinated vitrograph pieces

In addition, each theme also includes TONS of pre-fired/pre-cut pieces specific to that theme, such as 3-dimentional snowflakes, branches, dragonflies or starfish made from frit molds, pre-cut flower petals, jellyfish, ravens or leaves, depending on which theme you choose.

An added bonus for locals: Included with the kit is ONE FREE FIRING in our kilns at Melt Glass Art Supply in Vancouver, Washington! Just call and make an appointment to bring the completed project into the shop (be sure everything is glued down with the included bottle of glue). We will fire it and call you when it's ready to pick up. 

For those who will fire this at home or at a different studio, once you have assembled your project it is fired using a standard tack fuse schedule. We use epoxy to adhere the skull to our boards. Let the epoxy dry for 48-72 hours before hanging or framing.

**Photos are examples of available kits, but feel free to use them as inspiration for your own creations! The variety and colors of glass available may vary depending on what we have available, but we promise it will always be amazing and generous.